February, 2017

down syndrome

Be An Angel

Michelle Pfeiffer of Cary founded Anna’s Angels back in 2003 to make a difference, not just for her own daughter, but for many. More…

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You can help a local stylist launch Project Happy Hair Salon - here's how.

Project Happy Hair

You may know Robin Larsen Vitale from Twisted Scizzors Salon in Cary, the Cary Magazine Maggy Award-winning salon where she works as a master…

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A musical benefit in Apex will support Hawkwing, founded by Rochelle Ripley, center, to help Native Americans.

Music for Mankind

Here’s something you don’t see in Apex every day: Music. Food. And a chance to help the Native Americans living on reservations. You’ll find…

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Mix up the Pomegranate Sage Martini, with this recipe.

Mix Up a Martini

Sages throughout the ages have mixed up magical elixirs for happiness and health. Now it’s your turn! Take “sage” to the next level with this…

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Be Your Own Valentine

You don’t have to wait around for flowers and chocolate this year … you can invest in yourself instead, by taking part in the…

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