On Trend: Buzzworthy Bee Supplies

Keeping bees out of our yards used to be the norm. We would grow anti-bee plants in our gardens and spray the stinging insects with chemicals.

“In literally 10 years, this completely flip-flopped,” said Keith Ramsey, owner of Garden Supply Company in Cary.

Without flowers to pollinate and an unwelcoming audience, the number of bees began to decline. Now, Ramsey says people are changing their ways, planting bee-friendly plants like milkweed and purple coneflower. Some are even taking up beekeeping as a hobby.

Those looking to start backyard beekeeping should expect to spend $150-$200 on start-up equipment – frames, netting, a smoker and special tongs – and $180 or so for bees.

For those who love bees but don’t want the responsibility of beekeeping, consider hanging a “bee house,” like the red one pictured, in your yard. Bees are drawn to the bright color and lay their eggs in the tubes.

Garden Supply Company is a great place to learn more about bees. Their Host-a-Hive program teaches you the ins and outs of beekeeping, all while keeping the hive on their property in Cary. After one year, you’ll receive 10, one-pound jars of your very own honey.

Garden Supply Company
1421 Old Apex Road, Cary

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