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What qualities constitute a hero?

Dependability. Consistency. Compassion. And a big-picture focus.

We see this year’s Maggy Award winners as just that: Community heroes. The go-to people we count on to get us through the day, and to get the job done.

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By Amber Keister

Dozens of Root Elementary kindergartners focus intently on the cluster of bright orange balls in the center of the school gym. As instructions are given, plastic blades fidget against the floor. A few hockey sticks absent-mindedly drift upward to touch shoulders or heads.

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By Nancy Pardue

Can’t find your keys, again? Nine cans of pineapple in the pantry, but no green beans?
We’re certainly not the first to deal with disorder in our homes — the first recorded use of the word “clutter” dates back to 1556.

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By David McCreary

Mark Doble likes beer so much that in 2008 he began brewing it in two used dairy tanks at a secluded airport hangar in Fuquay-Varina. The word quickly spread, and beer aficionados began flocking to the humble airfield on a regular basis.

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2015 Maggy Awards

2015 Maggy Awards

Hockey Scores With Area Youth

Youngsters in the Polar Ice House U12 house league scrimmage during a Saturday morning practice in Cary. Participation in hockey has grown steadily since the Carolina Hurricanes’ Stanley Cup win in 2006.

It’s Here Somewhere

Overwhelmed by clutter? Try the hula-hoop system, suggests professional organizer Geralin Thomas: “Make a circle, focus only on what’s inside it, and put those items away.
It’s a good technique for kids too.” Or, make organizing a game such as

Taking Off: Aviator Brewery

Mark Doble, owner of Aviator Brewing Company in Fuquay-Varina, has focused on a quality product since he started the craft brewery in 2008.


As missions go, it doesn’t get much simpler than “Feed the hungry.” Week after week, year after year, that’s what volunteers do at Apex-based Brown Bag Ministry, selected as...

Restaurant Row

A perennial beloved spot for many locals, Los Tres Magueyes once again has earned top honors from the readers of Cary Magazine for Best Mexican food. The restaurant has won the Maggy Award each year...

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Home & Garden

Bored with those same four walls? So are we. But no worries: We've tapped into the awesome talents of the Maggy Award winners for Best Interior Design Company for the latest and greatest ways to...

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